Mission, Vision & Core Values

To provide customers with cost-effective and premium quality timepiece along with excellent customer service.

To be acknowledged as one of the leading chains of watch retail company in Malaysia and Southeast Asia.

Our core values lie within our brand name, TIMEKEEPER.

TIMELY: We ensure timely and quality delivery of product.

INTEGRITY: We focus on integrity in our business.

MEMORABLE: We strive to create memorable customer experience.

EXCELLENT: We aspire to provide excellent service to our customers.

KEEPER: We attempt to be a keeper when comes to serving our customers by giving our best.

EFFICIENT: We continuously find ways to improve our business to become more efficient.

ELEGANCE: We aim to offer timepiece collection that represent style and elegance.

PERFECTION: We make every effort to achieve perfection in business.

EVERLASTING: We aspire to build a successful and everlasting business aligned with our mission and vision.

RENOWN: We seek to be a renown watch retail company and strive for business excellence.