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The Top 3 Timepiece Under RM3000
There are plenty of watches out there, each one designed, engineered and constructed for all kinds of environments (and wrists). Are you looking to buy a dress watch? Maybe you're on the hunt for a hardy beater? Or do you want something that's versatile enough to work with most of your wardrobe/lifestyle choices? More importantly, is it well within your budget...

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Top 10 Watches to lookup for 2019

Tissot T-Race GET THE TISSOT T-RACE NOW FOR RM5300 The Tissot T-Race MotoGP™ Limited Edition 2018 is the watch that represents one of the fastest, most thrilling sports on Earth. This limited edition definitely has the style to match. The watch's structure is inspired by the frame and parts of motorbikes, with features such as a brake-disc bezel, dashboard counters and tyre treads on the dial. This watch has a strong character and many details inspired by motorbike racing. This limited edition with an automatic movement is a must-have for every MotoGP fan. The transparent case back is inspired by...

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Why you should wear a Watch

Watches were extremely important tools that used by almost everyone. And they did so because it was the only real way to keep track of time. People couldn't just take up their phone to see what time it was like you can today, and therefore wearing a watch was extremely important to live a smooth life, for thing as simple as showing up at work in time. Nowadays the reasons why people wear a watch has basically changed from when the watches were invented. In the meantime, the amount of people wearing watches has reduced significantly. Obviously, this isn't surprising...

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10 Amazing Watches You Can Get For Under RM800

Just because you don't have thousands to spend on an exceptional timepiece, that doesn't mean you can't slap something unique around your wrist. To give you value for your money, we're drilling down 10 great watches, every one of them which balances between great design, quality and style. Also, they all come in at under RM800 that’s what the best affordable watches are about. Without further ado, we present the best watches under RM800. FITBIT CHARGE 3 GET THE FITBIT CHARGE 3 NOW FOR RM728 Just because you’re buying one the best watches for under RM800, that doesn’t mean you can’t...

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